Unlisted Shares Trading: The Platform that You Need

unlisted shares

If you want to sell your unlisted shares, or if you’re going to buy shares of a private company, you can’t do it on the exchange, and it’s not easy to find a counterparty on your own. With unlisted shares brokers, your problem will be solved more easily.

The Development Processes

The 21st century is indeed an era of the Internet. There is a keen sense of business opportunities on the Internet to build a platform connecting buyers and sellers in the market through the Internet. The establishment of unlisted shares trading platform is undoubtedly the product of Internet thinking and the opportunities of the times in the share market.

Liquidity Of IPOs

With the development of high-tech and the evolution of Internet technology, a large number of emerging enterprises have emerged around the world, especially in the United States, which have raised growth capital through private equity in the process of growth or reward employees in the form of stock options, one consequence of which is the accumulation of a large number of unlisted stocks with low liquidity in the capital market. A stricter auditing standard improves the accuracy and reliability of public company disclosures and increases the cost of IPOs.

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Many growth companies choose to postpone IPOs to avoid the costs of public financial statements and the cost of trading in the open markets. The average time to complete an IPO in 2000 was 3.1 years, extended to 5.7 years in 2005, and almost doubled to 9.4 years in 2010. Longer IPOs mean more unlisted trading shares will accumulate in the market, with more liquidity needs for unlisted stocks.

It’s a huge and enticing piece of cake.

After months of exploration with the help of the Restricted Stock Partnership, Thompson’s stake was bought by a hedge fund, which netted millions of dollars. The Restricted Stock Partnership then helped Thompson and other former employees of unlisted companies cash out their shares. When the Expansion of the Restricted Stock Partnership in the unlisted stock market was initially successful, Greg Brogger saw clearly how much buyers and sellers of unlisted stocks desperately needed an effective intermediary platform to connect holders of unlisted stocks had liquidity needs and wanted to turn their shares into cash. Some investors had a keen interest in holding certain unlisted shares. He realized that the bright future of the unlisted stock exchange market was promising.

The development processes

It is an unlisted stockbroking proprietor with a trading platform that provides unlisted shares trading and investment management services to investors, private companies, and shareholders.
The website will give each listed private company a section. Under each edition, there will be a list of buyers and sellers who can record the number and price of the shares they want to buy and sell on the corresponding version after registering as a member.


It was inefficient to rely solely on the collection of buying and selling information to facilitate transactions between members to solve more and better problems to enable commerce by cooperating with other registered broker-dealers. In the process, its influence on inter-member transactions grew, eventually leading to an investigation by the SEC. The provision provides that any broker or dealer who trades in securities by mail or any means or instrument of interstate trade, gives rise to or attempts to give rise to the purchase or sale of any securities, must be registered with the SEC.


To focus on unlisted stock trading and comprehensive business scope, its business closely revolves around the core of unlisted stocks, continuous innovation. It has developed three major business sectors of the brokerage business, corporate services and investment management.