Types of astrology to predict the future

Astrology is a science that helps predict the future with planet movements. The planet movement will help to know the good and bad signs in human life. The calculation depends on the books and charts like a natal chart, almanac, etc. The astrologer can calculate every activity. Marriage astrology uses perfect software to calculate the movement of the planets.

How the astrology calculated

Astrology combines mathematics and science, but it does not entirely originate in these two areas. It is wholly based on the belief of a person. Vedic astrology calculates to predict the correct birth date and time. But other astrology will help to know the facts only with the details of a person’s birth. Different types of astrology are used to calculate everything in a person’s life. Let’s see the styles in particular.

Natal astrology

Natal astrology is what you are probably most familiar with. It is entirely based on your natal chart. This is how the placement of major celestial bodies at the place a How the astrology calculated d time of birth. This natal astrology is an excellent tool for self-awareness and a deep dive into the soul. It tells about the details of the person who a person is, traits and personality, and their promises for the future. You can use this facility as an online astrologer in this natal astrology.

Mundane astrology

Mundane astrology is the interesting one to predict world events and affairs. This astrology follows back hundreds, thousands of years. Initially, astrology was not geared toward looking at an individual chart. This astrology seems like the cycle of life. This is more prediction of the worst events for the world, and it will explain as this planet moves towards the planet, the worst thing will happen on this day.

Medical astrology

Medical astrology is the ancient branch of astrology that associates various body parts and diseases. This will calculate based on the planet’s movements and zodiac signs. Every zodiac sign rules a body part and specific planet’s different organs. It is more exciting to check your health condition and how it will be in the future.

Relationship astrology

Relationship astrology is a form of natal astrology and specifically looks at the compatibility of the planets. It is calculated based on the birth chart, and their planet shows up. It also provides details about marriage and other related vital things. This relationship astrology is also available online and will explain by the online astrologer very clearly and in particular.

 Electional astrology

This Electional astrology is the best part of everyone’s life. It clearly explains when special events start in a person’s life. Marriage astrology is also include in this Electional astrology. The person who wants to start a business can see this astrologer with their basic details. Everything will be clearly explained. The time and date are also specific in this type of astrology. The one who wants to build the house or building can use the vasthu astrology to get the best plan for their home.