The Best Music Venues in Charlotte, NC


When moving to a new city it’s clear the order in which things need to be done. First, you decide where you think you’ll be happiest. Second, you realize the answer has always been Charlotte. After that, you start looking at Charlotte houses for sale. All the usual stuff gets done, you find your new place and start unpacking. Now it’s time for the fun stuff to begin.

To you, that means live music above all else. What are the best places for it in the city though? You obviously know Charlotte is a great city for music so you’ve found yourself in the perfect predicament of having too many options. With that in mind, here are a few of the places you must check out as soon as you can.

Spectrum Center

Let’s get the heaviest hitter out of the way before anywhere else. It’s the home to the Charlotte Hornets but when you see the kind of live acts they are able to bring, it’s going to be like a second home to you as well. Like any major arena, this is where you are going to be able to see the national household names of popular music. 

There are going to be the classic rock bands who have been selling out arenas for decades. The best singers will be there in no short supply. You are also going to find your favorite pop stars who you’ve always loved, even though you won’t admit it. Anytime there is a sold-out show here, you are sure to have the time of your life. 

PNC Music Pavilion

Few things hit quite as right as the perfect summer night together with live music. When it comes to the warmer months and your favorite act is in town, they might be playing here instead of the Spectrum Center. Picture everything you’ll get from a show at the Spectrum and add in some of the best weather anywhere in the country. 

Given there’s no rain, you’ll be thrilled to be outside enjoying the fresh air as opposed to spending even more time indoors. Like the arena, Pavilion caters to larger national acts. Being the music lover that you are, you’ll be happy to just have more and more concerts to see and a change of location depending on the seasons.

The Underground

Everyone loves the bigger acts, but there’s also the part of every music lover who craves to be on the cutting edge of the newest musical trends. As you can imagine, The Underground has no trouble living up to its name. This will be the perfect place to find out about your next favorite bands who will fill your playlists for years to come. 

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A sold-out show here is only 750 people so act quickly if an upcoming act catches your curiosity. If you sit and wait on it, you’ll miss those chances every time. It’ll be magical if someone who you’ve only seen in larger venues is playing here. When it’s this intimate of a place, it’ll be like hearing your favorites for the first time all over again.