Discover the best Fragrance in Singapore

best Fragrance

It is natural to want to be associated with a unique fragrance, tailor-made for us. A scent that is associated with our personality, memories, and activities. Since olfactory senses play a huge role in shaping our personalities, choosing the best from all the available women’s fragrances is an absolute must. However, discovering the best women’s perfume in Singapore is no mean feat. Understanding the basic chemistry of perfume-making and some handy perfume-testing tricks can make the process easier. The journey of finding your signature scent can be extremely fulfilling if you find that one, true fragrance that is made for you.

People often spend their entire lifetime trying out different types of perfumes but never finding the one that is absolutely perfect for them. There are hundreds of amazing women’s fragrances out there. If you devote enough time and research to your perfume-hunting journey, you are sure to uncover some exquisite scent profiles. Discovering the best fragrance in Singapore may require some patience but it is definitely an achievable task.

So, you may be an amateur at buying perfumes or a connoisseur looking for a fresh perspective. The key is to first understand the basics of a perfume composition. This can help you understand exactly what you are smelling when you try out new fragrances. Here are some things you must be aware of when you are looking for the best female perfume in Singapore:

Every perfume has different notes

Fragrances are essentially created in layers. The whiff you get from each of the women’s fragrances you try is an amalgamation of all these layers. Usually, a perfume has a base note, a top note, and a middle note. The top or head notes constitute the first smell that you get on spraying on a perfume. This smell typically lasts for around 15 minutes. Then come the middle or heart notes that you get after the perfume dries down. This lasts for up to an hour after the initial spray. Lastly, you get the base or core note which can last up to several hours.

Every perfume belongs to a fragrance family

If you were to look at the fragrance family while looking for the best female perfume in Singapore, you would have to make a choice out of four distinct fragrance families, namely, oriental, floral, fresh, and woody. While there are mixtures and overlaps within these four families, you can make a clear choice as to what you like. Oriental fragrances can offer scents like sandalwood, incense amber, and orange blossom.

As the name suggests, floral perfumes can offer a wide range of smells like freshly cut flowers and sweet spices. Fresh women’s fragrances can offer notes like lavender, bergamot, berries, and marine aquatic hints. Lastly, woody fragrances can range from leather notes to patchouli scents.

Every perfume has a different concentration

Imagine putting on a perfume in the morning. Does it smell the same way it does after a few hours of wearing it? This is because every perfume has a different level of concentration. The higher the concentration, the longer your perfume will last on your skin. Based on this, you can choose the best female perfume in Singapore.

If you are someone who has penchant for stronger scents that can carry you through the most hectic of days and keep you smelling fresh, then you can opt for a high concentration Parfum or Eau de Parfum. This variant has the highest concentration and can last for up to 8 hours. On the contrary, Eau de Toilette or Eau de Fraiche is built on lower concentrations and offers lesser longevity of an hour or two.

Every perfume may not speak to you

Last but not least, it is important to go through several perfumes before settling on the best female perfume in Singapore. Always go for a perfume that appeals to you. It is very possible that you go to the store thinking you are looking for a fresh, citrusy fragrance. However, you might end up liking a woody oriental perfume with musky, patchouli notes.

Always allow yourself the liberty to try out different perfumes to reach a conclusion. Spraying the perfume on your skin and waiting for the dried down fragrance can help you get the real essence of each perfume that you are trying on. Further, it is important to be careful of how many perfumes you are trying out in one go. Usually, trying out 3 perfumes in a single sitting is a good idea. Anything more can cause a sensory fatigue, leaving you temporarily unable to distinguish between the different perfumes.

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