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zero waste

The world is in a dangerous spot. Climate change has resulted in weather patterns never observed in human life. Most islands will be underwater in the next fifty years while other nations will face severe weather conditions like drought, floods, hurricanes, hailstorms, and much more. This will affect both the lives and livelihoods of people. The changing situation will cause the divide in society to grow even bigger. While this is caused by many factors, one important factor is waste. Humanity has been growing exponentially and as the population grew, the rate of consumption has also grown with it. If humanity wants to correct the course that it is in currently, then it needs to focus on engaging in zero waste services. For zero waste there are three key pillars of concern.

  • Reduce – It is time humanity collectively decided to consume less. While it may seem that it will affect the lives of the people, in reality, it won’t. There is a movement called minimalism that is catching up a lot of steam. In this people ask themselves, do they need an item? If the answer is yes, only then do they possess the item. Else they ignore it. The reason why they ask this question is that most people buy items that don’t add any value to their lives. They buy it and forget about it, which not only wastes a lot of money but also wastes precious resources. People should buy items that add value to them.
  • Reuse – Sometimes people need to buy items that lose their value after some time. The classic example is clothes. There could be clothes that people wore that got torn. Instead of immediately discarding it, they can try stitching to correct the mistakes and wear it at home. Old phones can be fixed or repurposed to fulfill some other tasks like a music player or camera. By reusing old items, a person can squeeze more value. In addition, they can ensure that they don’t need to purchase another item to fulfill their needs as it is being fulfilled by reusing their old product.
  • Recycle – Some products have no way of saving them. However, while the product itself might not have any hope, its material is still valuable. Paper that has been written on can no longer be used. But by recycling, one can save a lot of trees with no drop in the quality and experience.

There can be many types of solutions required based on the three pillars. Electronic devices require e-waste management, plastic requires plastic recycling, and industries need industrial waste management. Each solution needs experts to help people with the execution. This is where zero waste services of companies like 3r management private limited come into the picture.

It is a company founded in India to manage the more than a billion tons of waste that are currently present. They contribute to the circular economy and focus on ensuring a brighter for the years to come.