Google Gemini App for Android to Get Multi-Window Mode

Google Gemini App

Google Gemini App: Exciting New Feature Spotted in Latest Beta

Google Gemini app for Android is ready to get even more powerful. A new function, which permits users to open apps in extraordinary home windows at the same time, has been spotted within the contemporary beta version of the Google app (mod Although the characteristic is not but seen or to be had by beta testers, it was discovered via Android Authority through a teardown of an app.

How the Multi-Window Mode Works

Once activated, multi-window mode will let users open both the Gemini app and Gemini AI Assistant simultaneously. It means you can access and use them independently within the same screen. To enable this feature beta testers will need to activate a specific flag, although details on this flag have not been provided yet.

Activating the Feature

Here’s how the feature works: when you trigger the Gemini AI assistant, it appears as a bottom sheet pop-up interface. You can then long-press the handle on the top of the pop-up and drag it to the top of the screen. This action opens a second window, which looks similar to the Gemini app or its website version. The Gemini AI assistant pop-up remains active, allowing you to interact with both windows simultaneously.

Benefits of Multi-Window Mode

The ability to use two separate windows independently is more than just a cool trick. For example, you can run two different queries with the Gemini AI model at the same time without one affecting the other. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to test the AI and compare responses to slightly different prompts. It also allows you to keep one query open while you work on another, ensuring that your workflow remains uninterrupted.

What’s Next for Gemini App Users?

As of now, Google has not revealed a release timeline for this feature. However, the discovery of this multi-window mode indicates that exciting updates are on the horizon for Gemini app users. Stay tuned for more updates as Google continues to enhance the functionality of the Gemini app for Android.