Hydroxychloroquine Drug: A Game-Changer For Coronavirus?

Almost every sphere of the globe is suffering from COVID-19 disease, which has posed massive impacts on the lives of humans. Surprising though it may seem to hear, but the medicinal experts are unsuccessful till now to find out the exact cure for this pandemic, while there is some recent news about the medicine that could be used to decimate the ill effects of the coronavirus. Also, no medicine has been approved so far by the legitimate medical organizations such as WHO, to be the adequate cure for the virus. Hydroxychloroquine is similar to chloroquine in many aspects and therefore it is lately believed by some experts to be a possible cure to treat the coronavirus epidemic.

What is Hydroxychloroquine?

Like other medicines, the Hydroxychloroquine medicine for coronavirus is generally available in the medical markets under the brand name Plaquenil. It is basically a medicine that is being used by doctors and the medical professionals in various parts of the globe to treat various diseases, malaria in particular. This medicine falls under the antimalarial families of medication along with the 4- aminoquinoline category as well. This medicine got approval by the WHO to be used in the medical treatments in the USA in 1955 and is listed among the list of essential medicines of the World Health Organisation.

It should be noted that there are some serious side effects associated with the consumption of this medicine, which may include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomits
  • Cramps in stomach
  • Diarrhea

Hydroxychloroquine Medicine for Coronavirus

Considering the growing effects of the epidemic, the researchers all around the world are working towards finding a whole new antidote for the disease to save the massive loss to mankind. Recently, the lab researchers have claimed hydroxychloroquine to be a cure for this disease by analyzing a few prominent aspects of the medication for COVID-19. However, up till 3rd April 2020, there has been little evidence to back up the application of hydroxychloroquine for curing coronavirus.

In the month of January 2020, the Chinese medicinal experts believed that extensive research into chloroquine might have positive results in minimizing the effects of the coronavirus. Consequently, the submission was made for the requests to commence the clinical testing.

India has released the foremost list of the nations, which have been decided to receive virus-fighting drugs from India. In a media conference on Friday, Dammu Ravi, the joint secretary in the ministry of external affairs, has confessed that after massive overseas requirements of the hydroxychloroquine, a group of ministry has decided to release a medicine surplus for the export purposes.

COVID-19 Drugs in Consideration

There is no certain medicine for the COVID-19 virus yet, however, the panel of medicinal researchers across the globe are meticulously working towards the experimentation on various COVID-19 drugs that could be considered as the appropriate cure for the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, in Australia, a team of scientists has identified six drug components among more than a thousand compounds that may assist in treating coronavirus.
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