Dominant Seahawks Defense Crushes Giants in Week 4 Showdown

Dominant Seahawks Defense Crushes Giants in Week 4 Showdown

In Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the New York Giants in a Monday Night Football showdown. The Seahawks showcased their defensive prowess, delivering a resounding 24-3 victory over the Giants. This blog will delve into the key moments and standout performances that defined this thrilling game.

Seattle’s Defensive Dominance

The Seahawks’ defense set the tone early in the game, and their tenacious play continued throughout the matchup. Let’s break down some of the standout moments that showcased their dominance.

  1. Jamal Adams’ Bone-Crushing Hit Seattle Seahawks strong safety Jamal Adams wasted no time making his presence felt in the game. In a highlight-reel play, Adams delivered a thunderous hit on New York Giants wide receiver Parris Campbell. This hit sent shockwaves through the stadium, setting the tone for a physical defensive battle.
  2. Defensive Front Stops Daniel Jones The Seahawks’ defensive front proved to be an immovable force in the game. On a crucial fourth down attempt by Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, the Seattle defense stuffed Jones’s quarterback sneak attempt, denying the Giants a first down and demonstrating their strength in the trenches.
  3. Devon Witherspoon’s Breakout Performance Cornerback Devon Witherspoon was a standout performer for the Seahawks. He made his presence felt with a huge hit on Giants running back Gary Brightwell and laid out another punishing tackle on Parris Campbell, totaling six tackles in the first half alone. Witherspoon’s physicality set the tone for the Seahawks’ secondary.
  4. Mario Edwards Jr.’s Strip-Sack Defensive end Mario Edwards Jr. showcased his pass-rushing skills with a strip-sack on Daniel Jones deep in Giants territory. Linebacker Jordyn Brooks pounced on the loose ball, marking the first takeaway of the game for Seattle. This turnover would prove to be a turning point in the contest.
  5. Bobby Wagner’s Sack Attack Linebacker Bobby Wagner was relentless in his pursuit of Daniel Jones, recording multiple sacks in the game. His ability to get to the quarterback disrupted the Giants’ offensive rhythm and kept them on the back foot.
  6. Devon Witherspoon’s Pick-Six Devon Witherspoon delivered the highlight of the night with his interception of a Daniel Jones pass. Witherspoon showcased his speed and agility, returning the interception 97 yards for a pick-six touchdown. This electrifying play put the Seahawks firmly in control of the game and left fans in awe.

Offensive Highlights

Dominant Seahawks 

While the Seahawks’ defense stole the show, the offense had its share of impressive moments.

  1. Geno Smith’s Connection with DK Metcalf Quarterback Geno Smith connected with wide receiver DK Metcalf for two touchdowns in the game. Smith’s perfect pass to the corner of the end zone allowed Metcalf to make a spectacular catch for his second touchdown of the 2023 season. The chemistry between Smith and Metcalf was evident throughout the night.
  2. Kenneth Walker III’s Power Running back Kenneth Walker III displayed his power and determination by punching the ball across the goal line for a 1-yard touchdown. Walker’s ability to find running lanes and power through defenders was a crucial asset for the Seahawks offense.
  3. Explosive Plays The Seahawks’ offense also featured explosive plays, with Drew Lock connecting with tight end Noah Fant for a 51-yard gain down the sideline. Additionally, running backs Kenneth Walker III and Zach Charbonnet showcased their agility and burst with impressive runs, including a 31-yard dash by Walker and a 15-yard scamper by Charbonnet.

Heartwarming Moments

Amidst the fierce competition on the field, there were heartwarming moments that touched the fans and players alike.

  1. Boye Mafe’s Emotional Message Linebacker Boye Mafe, who tragically lost his mother to cancer on Mother’s Day, provided a touching moment after sacking Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Mafe expressed his love with sign language, a gesture that resonated deeply with the audience and exemplified the power of sports to inspire and connect.
  2. Will Ferrell’s Prediction Actor Will Ferrell added an element of fun and unpredictability to the game when he correctly predicted the Seahawks’ touchdown pass from Geno Smith to DK Metcalf. His cameo appearance added an extra layer of excitement to the game.


The Seattle Seahawks’ dominant performance in their Week 4 matchup against the New York Giants showcased their defensive prowess and offensive firepower. With standout moments from players like Jamal Adams, Devon Witherspoon, and DK Metcalf, the Seahawks left their mark on Monday Night Football. Heartwarming gestures from Boye Mafe and the excitement of a celebrity cameo by Will Ferrell made this game memorable for fans across the nation. As the season unfolds, the Seahawks look poised for success with their formidable defense and dynamic offense.