Denver Nuggets overcome Miami Heat to win the franchise’s first NBA championship.

Denver Nuggets


In a thrilling Game 5 of the 2023 NBA Finals, Nikola Jokic propelled the Denver Nuggets to their first-ever NBA championship. Overcoming poor shooting and a late surge from Miami’s Jimmy Butler, Jokic’s stellar performance earned him the NBA Finals MVP honors, surpassing the significance of his previous two regular-season MVP awards in 2021 and 2022. The Nuggets’ triumph, despite struggling to find their rhythm, showcased their resilience and determination to clinch the title on their home court.

Game Recap:

Nikola Jokic led the Nuggets with 28 points and 16 rebounds, rescuing his team as none of his teammates could find their shooting touch. Denver’s abysmal performance included missing 20 of their first 22 three-point attempts and seven of their initial 13 free throws. Nonetheless, they managed to find a way to secure the series’ victory.

Key Moments: Jimmy Butler’s eight consecutive points provided a late surge for the Miami Heat, allowing them to take an 87-86 lead with 2:45 remaining after trailing by seven. However, a crucial offensive rebound and tip-in by Bruce Brown swung the momentum back in favor of the Nuggets. In the final moments, Butler’s missed three-pointer sealed the Heat’s fate, and Denver’s Brown sealed the game with two free throws, clinching the NBA championship for the Nuggets.

A Historic Achievement:

The victory marked a historic milestone for the Denver Nuggets franchise, as they lifted the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the first time in their 47-year history. Despite the game’s scrappy and frenetic nature, the aftermath brought immense joy to the Nuggets and their fans, emphasizing the beauty in their hard-fought triumph.

Both Teams’ Efforts: While the Miami Heat, under the leadership of coach Erik Spoelstra, displayed their gritty and tenacious style of play, their shooting struggles ultimately hindered their chances. Bam Adebayo’s 20 points were not enough to compensate for Miami’s overall shooting percentages of 34% from the field and 25% from beyond the arc. Prior to Butler’s late surge, his shooting woes limited him to just eight points on 2-of-13 shooting.


Despite the ugly and challenging nature of the game, the Denver Nuggets showcased their resilience and ability to adapt, securing their first NBA title. Nikola Jokic’s exceptional performance and the team’s collective effort propelled them to victory. With the Larry O’Brien Trophy now residing in Denver, the Nuggets have etched their names in the annals of NBA history, solidifying their place among the league’s elite.

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