Epoxy resin tables: How you can find for yourself best one?


An Epoxy River Table is a hybrid piece of furniture consisting of timber planks with epoxy resin in between. The blanks frequently have irregular edges, and the Resin Epoxy that connects them mimics a flowing river. Resin river tables have gained in popularity since 2019. The concept and trend of so-called Epoxy River Tables, like so many others originated and followed by many countries. In recent years, there has been a worldwide outbreak of epoxy resin table fever, including, of course, India. Furthermore, they are eye-catching and exude exotic beauty.

Above everything, by mixing wood and largely colourful resin, the Epoxy River Tables create a highly striking contrast and are consequently immensely appealing to the majority of people. Those pieces of wooden and resin furniture are distinct in that they cannot be assigned to any artistic direction and hence appeal to a wide variety of decorating styles. This sort of epoxy river table caters to both enthusiasts of wood furniture and those who like a more modern look.

What is river table?

A River Table is a type of indoor table made of wood and resin or glass. These tables are distinguished by a dramatic stream of resin or glass that generally runs down the centre of the table. Craftsmen and artists who handcraft river resin table manufacturers carve grooves in wood slabs to contain the resin or glass insert that shapes the table’s top. Two slabs of wood that resemble river banks are joined together by glue or glass. This appearance is reminiscent of a river stream.

Naturalist offers unique river table resin designs, including dining and conference tables made of resin and walnut wood. We used epoxy glue to combine two slabs of walnut wood. The mix of hardwood and resin produces exceptional river table surfaces that are robust and lasting, as well as polished and gorgeous.

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How did I can get best epoxy resin tables?

In late 2017, I began experimenting with epoxy resin. I saw epoxy river tables on the internet and wanted to learn how to construct these amazing artefacts and furniture for myself. I began looking for these materials, particularly acceptable resin. However, I discovered that it was incredibly difficult to obtain adequate epoxy resin of high quality in India. After a few months of problems and insights, I finally found a company who offers a nice resin for this purpose. This was a really instructional period for me, and through the months and years, I created my own technique, allowing me to build enormous, highly distinctive pieces of furniture. Because of the time required, large sculptures should be produced layer by layer.

The art is that the separate layers are not apparent, and the resin blends optimally. I was successful in developing a method for you to make high-quality tables yourself. As you too, as a novice, can construct such a tabletop with a little practise, some manual talent, and the proper tools. And all of this without the need of large, costly machinery. The majority of the tools and supplies you’ll need may be found at any well-stocked store or, of course, on the Internet.